Broken Heart SMS Messages Collection



Whenever there is a relationship breakups a heart is broken and a broken heart buddy begin looking for a heartbroken text messages, broken hearted sms, broken heart messages, and broken quotes along with the broken heart quotes to express their feelings.Hope you will like our broken heart sms messages collection.

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You Are Not ok.

Sometimes When I Say: ” I’m Okay ”

I Want Someone To Look Into My Eyes….

“HUG” Me Tight And Say

” I Know You Are Not ok…!! “

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I Love U More Than Myself

I really love YOU …
But YOU love someone else…
I can’t close my eyes…
I just want YOU to say how much I care about U…
May I could say YOU at someTime …..
I Love You More Than Myself …

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wo kia jane

wo kia jane mere ansoon ki waja
jis ka kam hi behte houe pani se khelna hai
wo kia jane mere toote houe dil ka drd
jis ka kam hi dilon ko torna hai………. ♥ ♥ ♥ (tayyaba)

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when the time comes for you to give

When the time comes for you to give
your heart to someone
make sure that u select someone who
will never break your heart
coz broken hearts have no spare parts!!!

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