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Atif Aslam Live In An Exam…

Atif Aslam Live In An Exam
Kuch Is Tarah…

Teri Copy, Meri Copy Se Miladay,

Answer Teray…Saaray Mujhay Paper Pe Chapa Day,

Tu Her Ghari Her Waqt Sir K Sath Raha Hai,

Han Yeh Jism Bloody Fool Abhi Kaanp Raha Hai,

Jo Solution Hain Ye Teray…Unhain Tu Mera Pata Dey!

Kuch Is tarhan Tera Paper Mere Paper se Milade

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A father asks peon:

A father asks peon: How are the studies in this college?
Where do I see my son in future?
Peon: The future is bright, I had also completed my engineering from the same college

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HaPpY ExaMz…

Newton’s Law of Studentology! .
“Every Book continues to be in
it’s State of Rest or covered with Dust,
until n unless a mid-term or
final exam Appears.”
HaPpY ExaMz

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Exams will get postponed

What is the height of hope?
It is sitting in the examination hall,
holding d question paper in hand and telling yourself
“dude,don’t worry.
Exams will get postponed!” ;)

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Dukhi Students…

Gham-e-zindagi kia sunaon?
Mery paper aa rahe hain…
Main khushi kahan se laon
Mery paper aa rahe hain..

Tumhen ye gila hy k
Mizaj kyun hain barham,
Kaho kaise musukuraon
Mery paper aa rahe hain…

Tumhen EID ki khushi hy,
Mujhe yaad hy wo lekin,
Main ye kaise bhool jaon
Mery paper aa rahe hain..

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Pre-Engineering wale marty nahi…

Pre-Engineering wale marty nahi,
zinda dafnay jate hain
her ek paper mein buri tarha tarpai jate hain
koi khol k tu dekhte kafan ko un k
Qabar mein bhi 5 yearz solve karte pai jate hain

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