Friendship SMS Messages Collection


For a nice friend…

For a nice friend
“nice morning”..

For a sweet friend
“sweet morning”

For a loving friend
“lovely morning”

For a Good friend
“Good Morning”

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Every New Day Is A New Chapter…

Every new day is
A new chapter
of life.

Bringing new topics
New moments for life.

I wish

Today all the good
Moments approach
To make your day

Good Morning !

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ALLAH wiL neVer leAve U emPty…

ALLAH wiL neVer leAve U emPty
HE wiL rePLace evrythng U LOst
If HE asks U tO Put sUmthng dOwn
its bcOz HE wants U tO piCk Up sumthng GrEaTer
Hve Faith
GoOd MoRniNg

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Have a nice day…

Stärt ä ,:*”*;,
Ñèw Däy *; %,*;

” With ”
” A ”
” Cleän heärt ”
” No feär ”
” No worry ”
” be häppy ”
” & smile ”
Have a nice day.

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Open U’r Heart…

~ Open U’r M¡nd,
Rece¡ve My W¡sh

Open U’r Heart,
Rece¡ve My Love

Open Your Eye,
Rece¡ve My Sm¡le

Open U’r Mob¡le,
Rece¡ve My Speca¡l

“GOOD MoRniNg”

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A New Sun…

Å néw suÑ
Å nèw dÄY
Ä nÉw §m§
Äsking Ü to
4GÉT Äll Ür
& TeÄR§
For §ØMÉ 1
WhÖ wÄnts to
U hÄppy GööD MORNING…..

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//___// “+._.+”
Sweet Sweet
\ \_/ / .–._.–.
\ /OU “+._.+”
/ /

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If we both exchange one dollar…

If we both exchange one dollar,
we have one dollar each.


if we exchange one good thought,
we both have two good thoughts.
Asslam alykum
hav a gud day

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Aap ka muskurana roz ho…

._– Aap ka –_.
Muskurana roz ho,

kbhi chehra kanwal to kbhi ROSE ho,

100 pal khushi to 1000 pal Mouj ho,

bas aisa hi apka din har roz ho

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Working Towards Success…

“Working Towards Success Will Make You A Master,


Working Towards Satisfaction Makes you A Legend”.

Good Morning

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Two Places…

“Two places are the most valuable in the world”
“The nicest place is to be in someone’s THOUGHTS
The safest place is to be in someone’s PRAYERS”
Good Morning!

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A Smile

A smile
to start
a day.

A Prayer
to bless
your way

A cheer
to say…
a very
nice day:-*

*G(‘,’)(‘,’)D MORNING*

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Todays Weather Report…

U will hav rains of blessings
Winds of joys
Fogs of peace
Dews of love
Snow of happiness
Blossom of ALLAH’s GRACE

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