Good Night SMS Messages Collection


A bed of clouds for U to sleep

A bed of clouds for U to sleep,
Diamond stars as ur bedside lamp,
Angels from heaven singing lullabies for U,
May u sleep peacefully thru out the night.
“Good Night”

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Caring hearts are awake

Its night time and the whole world is asleep,
But caring hearts are awake thinking about special ones like you.
Good Night

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You will find it funny

Joy with smile make and night gud say to wanted just
I that out find u when funny it find will U.

Read backwards!

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As U go 2 bed tonight

As U go 2 bed tonight,
I ordered bats 2 guard U tight.
I told some ghosts to dance in white,
And 2 make sure Ur alright,
I’ll ask the Dracula 2 kiss Ur neck.
Good Night.

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Have a great night

One evening I’ll come 2 ur room,
Lock the door,
Turn off the lights,
Join U in bed.
I’ll come closer 2 U,
My lips near ur face,
And I’ll shout,
Have a great night.
“Good Night”

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Welcome aboard to “Sweet Dreams”

Welcome aboard to “Sweet Dreams” airline,
All passengers on bed hug ur pillows,
As the flight will be leaving soon to dream land.
Enjoy ur time…
“Good night”

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Sun is missing U

Sun is upset and moon is happy,
Bcoz sun is missing U,
And moon is gonna be with U,
For rest of the night,
Have a wonderful night.

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Return my smile

A nite i woke up
Didn’t find u in my arms..
I cried a lot n begged to god
To return my smile n thats only u…

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Gold Nite

Sorry,i am very sleepy,
If there is any smelling mintake,
Ten plz carrot it n read.
Plz dont hisstake me! Gud fight.
Just for bun !! Sweat dance

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Your eyes are looking tired

Since your eyes are looking tired,
Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours,
Happy journey into the world of dreams,
Gud Night and Sweet Dreams.

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Bade armano se banwaya hai

Bade armano se banwaya hai usse,
Roshni se sajaya hai,
Bahut dur se mangwaya hai,
Zara khidki khol ke dekho,
Aapko good night kehne chand bhijwaya hai.

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I’m not free every night

Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight
Let the sweetest person come in ur dream tonight
But don’t make it a habit bcoz I’m not free every night

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Chup karke so jao

Let’s Play a Game its very INTERESTING ready??



Kya Start? haa..

Jab dekhoo khailne ki pari rahti hai
Ja kar so jao Chup kar k!! samjhay


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one day i may die without even

One day i may die without even saying good bye to you.
But i will never forget to say thank you,
Because you hold the most loveliest part in my life.
and I will always be thankful to you …

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night is longer then day

Night is longer than day
for those who DREAM
Day is longer than night
for those who make their
DREAMS come true.
Wish you Good Night
and Sweet Dreams!

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U might b sleeping u might be awake

U might b sleeping U might be awake

there’s a feeling i just cant shake.

I know deep inside this feeling is

right the uncontrollable urge 2 say.

Good night….


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