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Aankhon mein shrafat

Aankhon mein shrafat
Chaal mein nazakat
dil main sachaii
chehre main safai
phir kyun na bole har larki aap ko, mera bhai
mera bhai

Changes in a Woman

How a woman calls her husband in first 6 years:
Yr 1. Janu
Yr 2. O G.
Yr 3. Aji, sunte ho?
Yr 4. Arey, O Bunty k pappa

And then…..
Yr 7. Kahan mar gaye?
Yr 8. Tum aate ho k main aaon?

Dogs and Women

How Dogs and Women are alike?

Neither believe that silence is golden,
Neither can balance a checkbook &
Both put too much value on kissing.

Ladkiyan badal jaati hai

Ek ladka ek ladki ke saath baitha tha.
2Nd day doosri ladki ke saath dekha gaya.
3Rd day koi aur ladki thi.
4Th day kisi nayi ladki ke saath tha.

Moral: Ladkiyan badal jaati hai, ladke nahi badaltey!

ap smart hain

Apke pas dimagh hy.
Chalta nahi wo alag baat hy.
Ap smart hain.
Koi manta nahi wo alag bat hy.
Aap ameer hain.
Lakin kanjus hain.
Wo alag baat hy.
Ap hen sharif.
Lgte nahi, wo alag baat hy.

Bohat Ehsaan hay

Bohat Ehsaan hay Tairee un Nafratoon Ka Mujh Per
Tujh sy Mulee Thokar ny Mujhay Sanbhalna Sikhadia

If ever in your life u r very sad

If ever in your life u r very sad n feel that u have lost everything,
Iâ?Tll come, hold ur hand,
take u 4 walk on a bridge and show u where 2 jump from.

Galti aapki hi hogi

If ever I was rude to u,
If ever I was angry with u,
If ever I misbehaved with u,
then don’t hesitate,

JUST SLAP yourself

Mistake aap ki hi hogi :p

Love ur girlfriend

Make love to ur galfriend on Valentine day.
She’ll give u good news on Mothers day &
U’ll have a child on children`s day.
Don’t try this on everybody.
Coz U’ll have bad news on Dec 1

Year 1963

Year 1963
……….. Aug 3rd,
…….. Evening, 07:48

Chalo apna kaam karo!
Sara din sms padte rahte ho!!

Using his thumb

A child uses its thumb 2 chew,
an illiterate uses his thumb 2 sign,
a winner uses his thumb 2 show victory,
but a monkey is using his thumb 2 read this sms

Don’t love

“LOVE” .What a heavenly thing, what a heavenly word….

but do u know what is LOVE?

L= Loss
O= Of
V= Valuable
E= Energy….

So don’t LOVE..

You are the next

Old people used to annoy me at weddings by pinching my cheeks &
saying that you are the next.
They stopped doing that when I started doing the same to them at funerals!!

Sms padh k muskura rahe hain

Ba adab ba mulaheza hoshyar,
pagalon ke maharaja,
hindustani bewaqufon k sardar,
noore chashme husne paglistan
sms padh k muskura rahe hain!!

Amiri ke khwab dekhne laga

Amiri ke khwab dekhne laga,
Angrezi sharab chakhane laga,
Baap ne kabhi pager nahi dekha,
Aur beta mobile rakhne laga!!!

Jo bhi mera gana pade…

Ek pal ka jina Kutmir, pudinaa…
Jo bhi mera gana pade…
Wo kutta kameena…

Naha lena chahiye

Kabhi hosla bhi azzma lena chahiye
Bure waqt mein bhi muskurana chahiye
Aur jab saat din bhi naa mite khujli
Toh aath wae din naha lena chahiye.

M.B.A Degree

“CONGRATS” U have been awarded an M.B.A degree

For not Smsing me.

MBA means ‘Member of Bhikari Association’

Kindly forward it 2 all M.B.A’s.

Prashad mein recharge coupon…

Baba ji ka mela laga hai haridwar mein,
Prashad mein Recharge Coupon diye jayenge,
Kisi aur ko mat batana,
Ye SMS sirf chuninda bhikhariyon ko bheje ja raha hai