Hindi Sardar SMS Messages Collection


Set up a darkroom

- Did you hear about the Sardar who asked his friends to give him all of their burnt out light bulbs?

- He just bought a camera and wanted to set up a Darkroom

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Lawyer to Sardar

Lawyer to Sardar : Gita pe haath rakhkar kaho ke…

Sardar : Yeh kya, sita pe haath lagaya to court mein bulaiya.Aab fir gita pe haath.

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Sardarji infront of mirror

Sardarji was standing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed.

His wife asked what you are doing?

He said, “I am seeing how I look while sleeping.”

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Main churail hoon

A sardar passing through a jungle.

A churail stops him & says: Hoo hoo ha ha,main churail hoon.

Sardar: Janta hoon teri ek behan mere ghar main bhi hai!

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An answering machine

Sardarji fixed an answering machine at home.

Two days later he disconnected it because he was getting complaints
like “Saala phone utha ke bolta hai ghar pe nahin hai.”

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Pehele hi kaant liye

Sardar: He bhagwan tu mujhe 100 rupe dega to usme se 50 tujh par chadhaunga.
Kuch der baad use 50 rupe milte hai wo kehta hai:
Kya bhagwan mujh pe itna bhi bharosa nahi k pehele hi kaant liye.

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Sardars in a pub

Two Sardars went into a pub and after ordering two drinks took some sandwiches out of their pockets and started to eat them.

“You can’t eat your own sandwiches in here,” complained the pub-owner.

So the two Sardars exchanged their sandwiches.

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Only small babies

A tourist from United States comes to visit India and he see a sardar. He asked a question to sardar:

Tourist: Any great man born in this village?

Sardar: No sir, only small Babies!!!

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Let’s Thank

It takes thousand workers to build a castle,
Million soldiers to protect a country,
But just one woman to make a Happy Home!
Let’s Thank…KAAMWALI

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