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forgive those who hurt you

“The tree does not withdraw it’s shade from the woodcutter.
So, forgive those who hurt you.
They will realize your worth one day.”

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Never get to attached to anyone…

Never get to attached to anyone,
Because attachments always lead to Expectations
And expectations always lead to disappointments

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Tomorow never comes…

We always work for making better tomorow
When tomorow comes
Instead of enjoying
We again start thinking for better tomorow
“tomorow never comes”

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Everyone is good to you…

Reality of life!
Everyone is good to you
Till you expect nothing from them
You are too good to them
Only till you fullfill their Expectations.

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Future is unseen…

I can count the no of seeds in the apple,
but i cannot count the no of apples in a seed,
future is unseen,
Always hope for the best.

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Don’t complain about others…

Don’t complain about others

Change urself,


Its easier to protect ur feet with slippers


To carpet the whole earth.

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one simple tip to stay happy

One simple tip to stay happy

Never think about the third person
Never think what the third person thinks about you

Enjoy the life. !

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A lifetime inspiring thought…!

A lifetime inspiring thought!
“Always try your best to get whatever you like,
Otherwise, u will be forced to like whatever you get”.

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Time matters….

When flood comes,
“fish eat ants”
when flood goes down
“ants eat fish”
time matters….
“ALLAH gives opportunity to every one…!!”

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Everyone knows Something…

“Listen to Everyone
and Learn from Everyone
Nobody knows Everything
but Everyone knows Something”.

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We Often Fail 2 Understand…

We Often Fail 2 Understand
the Feelings of 1 Who Is Very Close 2 Our Heart.
Bcoz the Book When Held Very Close 2 Our Eyes
Is Very Difficult 2 Read!!

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Philosophy of my life….

Philosophy of my life

“I just don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me..!
I was not put on earth to entertain anyone..!”.

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Try to achieve higher education…

Shakespear’s Mother Said him:

You are very weak in English.
If you fail this time,
I ll not let you continue your studies.

Shakespeare did not pass M.A Eng.
But now no one can pass M.A Eng.
Without reading Shakespeare.

Dont try to achieve the higher degrees
but always try to achieve higher education..

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You Need To Be On Top…


“An Eagle siting on a tree doing nothing.
Rabit thought to do the same & sat on ground.
A wolf came & ate Rabit.

Moral: To Sit & Do Nothing, You Need To Be On Top”

”Live Like An EAGLE”

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The four hardest tasks….

The four hardest tasks on earth are
neither physical nor intellectual ,
but they are spiritual ones:

1- To return love for hate.
2- To include the excluded.
3- To forgive without apology.
4- To be able to say,
” I was wrong.”

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TOMORROW is important…

Every king was once a crying baby and
every great building was once a map.
It’s not imprtant where u r TODAY,
where you wil reach TOMORROW is important

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Each Moment In Life Is Precious…

A Butterfly Lives 4 Only 14 Days,
Bt Stil It Flys Joyfuly Capturing Many Hearts

Each Moment In Life Is Precious.

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Always be good with the good…

“Always be good with the good
but never be bad with the bad because
You can’t wash blood with the blood”
Stay Blessed…

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A true saying…

A true saying:
when ur time is good,
ur mistakes r taken as a joke..
But when ur time is bad,
even ur jokes r noticed as mistakes…..
Good Morning

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Always stay connected…

Good Relations Are Like
Needles of clock,
They only meet for
Sometime but
Always stay connected.

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