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beautiful prayer

Enlighten what is Dark in Me,
Strengthen what is Weak in Me,
Mend what is Broken in Me,
Bind what is Bruised in Me,
Heal what is Sick in Me,
Straighten what is Crooked in Me
Revive whatever Peace and Love has Died in Me..!

Value of a girl in Quran-e-pak

Value of A girl in Quran-e- Pak ,

this could’t be said more beautifully….

be careful not to make a girl cry,

because GOD counts HER tears,

a came out of a man’s RIB.

not from his feet to be walked on,

nor from his head to be superior over,

but from his side to be equal .

under the arm to the protected,

and next to be HEART to the LOVED!



“Faith has four pillars:
and struggle.”

By Imam Ali (a.s)

This is a special sorry to u


This is a special sorry to u ,

plz excuse my all mistakes before 15 Shaban,

kyun ke 14 Shaaban ko maghrib ke baad aamaal naama change hone hain..,
so I tell U sorry again’

i receive peace

I receive peace
In abundant measure
When I take my mind
To fly with me
In my simplicity, sincerity,
Humility and purity-plane
In the Sky of God’s Compassion,
Protection and Satisfaction

i saw a girl with golden hair

Today, Upon A Bus,
I Saw A Girl With Golden Hair.
And Wished I Was As Fair.
When Suddenly She Rose To Leave,
I Saw Her Hobble Down The Aisle.
She Had One Leg And Wore A Crutch.
But As She Passed, A Smile.
Ya Allah, Forgive Me When I Whine.
I Have 2 Legs, The World Is Mine.

NAMAZ is a full body tonic

Medical Science Proved It.
*Long Sajda :
No Heart Problem
Increase Eye sight,
Brain work & Face beauty
*Rukoo with straight legs
No knees/joints problems.
Straight standing after Rukoo,
No Back bone problems
Namaz improves Digestive system.
In Short, NAMAZ is a full body tonic.

islam is the best

Life is Test,
Islam is best,
Namaz is must,
Aakhrat is for rest,
World is only dust,
If Quran is in chest,
nothing need next,
Obey ALLAH first.
Success will be next.

When you carry the Quraan…

When you carry the Quraan Shaytaan has a headache,
when you open it he collapses,
When he sees you reading it, he faints.

When you are about to forward this message to others
the Shaytaan will discourage you,
forward it anyway,
and DONT let him stop you…


1.Surah Yaseen:
Allah will grant all ur wishes
2.Surah “Rehman” brings glow on the face,
3.Surah “Al-Waqia”
releases us from hunger,
4.Surah “Al-Mulk”
saves us from Azab-e-Qabr,
5.Surah “Sajda”
will speak up in our favour on judgement day..

Rahmaton ki hai yeh raat

Rahmaton ki hai yeh raat

Namazon ka rakhye ga sath

Manwa li jia Rab sa har bat

Duao mai rakhiya ga hum ko Yad

Mubarak ho ap 12 Rabi-ul-Awal ki yeh rat.

Apology message for SHABEBARAT…


I’m Sorry

If I Hurt u
If I Ignored u
If I Teased u
If I was not Able to prove
my self A gud Person.
I m Sorry if I ever
Brought a single tear
in ur Eyes
Do forgive me on this SHABEBARAT…!

Dear Allah..!!

Dear Allah..!!
I dont know all the challenges my

friends are facing but u know everything!!
I hear their silence,, U hear their plead.
I see them laughing,, U see their tears.
I see when they give,, U see what has been taken from them.
I see their appearance,, U see the scars in their soul.

A silent msg for all MUSLIMS..

“Ay kash baras”
jaye yahan b
“noor ki barish”

..K Emaan kay..
sheeshon pe
bari gard jami

A silent msg for all MUSLIMS..


– Sometimes, ALLAH KAREEM breaks our spirit to save our soul..

– ALLAH breaks our heart to make us whole..

– ALLAH sends us pain so we can be stronger..

– ALLAH sends us failure so we can be humble..

– ALLAH sends us illness so we can take better care of ourselves..

– ALLAH takes ‘something’ away from us so we can learn the value of ‘everything’ we have.

Just Blessings & Joy…

What A Nice Feeling To B In Love With

No Pain
No Tenssion
No Disappointment

Just Blessings & Joy
Do it With All Your Heart.

ALLAH Bless You

Uske dar pe “Sukun” milta hai…

Uske dar pe “Sukun” milta hai,
uski “Ibadat” se “Noor” milta hai,
jo jhuk gaya “ALLAH” ke sajde mein,
Use kuch na kuch “Zaroor” milta hai.

Idher Udher ki sims istemal karen ge tu signals katen ge hi…

Idher udher ki sims istemal karen ge tu signals katen ge hi.
Agar ap is kefiyat se bachna chahte hain tu aap lain
“NAMAZ” ki Sim!!
Kion k NAMAZ deti hai aap ko Rab se ghanton
free bat k 5 mawaqe rozana..
or free sms wo b fori delivery k saath…
sirf yehi nahi raat 12 se subha 4 tak
sub kuch manwaiey apne Rab se…



ye offer sari zindagi k liye hai….!!!

Jis ko ALLAH ne dua ki toufeeq de ho…

Jis ko ALLAH ne dua ki toufeeq de ho
Wo qaboliyat se mehroom nai reh sakta

Jise ALLAH Astaghar ki toufeeq de
Wo Maghfirat se mehroom nai reh sakta


Jisko ALLAH Shukar ki toufeeq ata kar dy
Wo Naimat se mehroom nai reh sakta