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read twice to understand

Read Twice to Understand

“I Love You,
Because I Love You, I would sooner have you hate me
for telling you the Truth than Adore me for Telling you lies”..!

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A very diffcult thing to ans

A very difficult thing to ans
Thinkin of someone ‘n Crying,
is dis Love?
While You are crying,
someone flashes in Your mind ‘n You Stop crying,
Is dis Love??

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one man asked me

One man Asked me:
“How Many Friends Do You Have In This World ?”
I Just smiled at him…
That fool doesn’t know that
“Friends Are My World”.. !

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super thinking

Superb thinking…

“Living on the Earth is Expensive,
It also includes a Free Trip around the sun every year…

“Think different.!”;): )

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a painter drawn a painting

A Painter drawn a painting
“Door of Heart”…

Man:why there is no handle on it ?
Painter:Because Door of Heart opens frm Inside not frm Outside…

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read carefully and get the meaning

“Read Carefully And Get The Meaning”…
“Minimum Love is Friendship”
“Maximum Friendship is Love”

Strange But True.. !!

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Cute Question of a daughter

Very Cute question :

Asked by a daughter to her father:

I feel very Proud and Lucky to have your name and Sir-name with me


Why are you forcing me to change it??  :)

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Jo Ana Chaho Hazar Rastay…

Jo Ana Chaho Hazar Rastay, Na Ana Chaho To Uzar Hazaron

Mizaj Barham, Taveel Rasta, Barsti Barish, Kharab Mosam…

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Baat yeh hai k

Baat yeh hai k,
Woh yeh k,
Ok listen carefully,
Oooh listen nahin I mean read it carefully,
Wid full concentration,
Dekho meray dil main aye is liye keh raha hoon,
Sirf 3 words he to hain,
Ufffff its too difficult,
Ok im gonna say,
How r u??

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Ur 5 qualities:

Ur 5 qualities:






Agar zindagi main kabhi
koi acha kam kia hota
to aj ye jaga khali na hoti :)

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meet my wife Tina

Boy1:Meet my wife Tina
Boy2.Oh! I know her
Boy2:v were caught sleeping together
Boy1:What the hell?
Boy2.during lecture in maths class

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