Miss You SMS Messages Collection


Miss something in life

Life is nothing when we get everything,
But life is everything when we miss something in life.
Value of Loved ones will be realised in their absence only.

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If I never met you

If I never met you, I wouldn’t like you.
If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t love you.
If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t miss you.
But I did, I do, and I will.

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Ur heart beats tells

When day light turns 2 a darkened hue,
The lovely stars r hinting at U,
Ur heart beats tells U something true,
That someone somewhere is missing U…

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Aaj kuch kami si hai tere bagher

Aaj kuch kami si hai tere bagher,
Na rang na roshni hai tere bagher,
Waqt apni raftar se chal raha hai,
Magar dhadkan thami si hai tere bagher,
Na barish hai na dhuan phir bhi,
Dil mein tapish si hai tere bagher,
Bahot roka hai badal ko barasne se,
Phir bhi aankhon mein nami si hai ter bagher.

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What’s “n ss!w !”

n ss!w !
n ss!w !
n ss!w !
n ss!w !
n ss!w !

Don’t get it?!
Read the above text upside down this time, what did you see?
It’s “i miss u” written upside down.

I am standing alone in the crowd,
Surrounded by people & music so loud.
My loneliness vanishes in a while,
As I think of U & Ur lovely smile.
Miss U a lot.

To miss someone is an uneasy feeling but to be missed indeed feels special, don’t you think so? If you also want to make someone feel special, here are some more miss you sms:

Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my msg doesnâ?Tt reach u,
But, it doesnâ?Tt mean that I forget u,
Iâ?Tm just giving u time to miss me!

Without ur SMS days are like: Moanday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Frightday, Shattereday & Sadday. So send me SMS everyday.

Gate of memories will never close,
How much we miss our friends nobody knows,
Days will pass like years,
And we will remember those memories like silent tears.

Cheer someone up with a special miss you sms. Get your Miss You sms here and send them to your special friends so that you don’t miss them anymore and you don’t feel lonely anymore.

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Come back to me

A lonely tear is set out free,
I’m sitting alone for all to see.

You r far away, how can it be?
My heart cries out, “Come back to me!!”

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Remember me

Remember to remember me….
forget to forget me…..
even if u remember to forget me…..
i will never forget to remember u..!

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When U miss someone special

I’m going to write on all the bricks I Miss U,
And I wish that each one fall on Ur head,
So that U know how it hurts,
When U miss someone special.

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Missing arithmetic

1+1 = 2 Eyes seeing you
3+3 = 6 Sense feeling you
12+12 = 24 Hours waiting for your sms
50%+50% = 100% Worried about you
182.5+182.5 = 365 Days missing you

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Different of smile

Smile 2 old people means “RESPECT”
Smile 2 children means “KIND”
Smile 2 girls means “LOVE”
Smiling in front of mobile means…
I have missed U a lot,
And U’ve got SMS from me.

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Never look 4 a gud face

Never look 4 a gud face,
It will turn old 1 day,
Never look 4 a gud skin,
It will wrinkle 1 day,but
Look 4 a loyal heart that miss U every day.
like me…

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I miss you!

*;, ,;*
( (
)””) /)””)
( ( /( (
)__) )__) ISS
“” /””/
!__! OU..

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I’m in casualty now

I’m in casualty now don’t say i didn’t tell u
After 5 min i will be transfered to ICU
Doctor told me i will die if i don’t stop missing u.

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My kohinoor is U

In the flower my rose is U,
In the diamond my kohinoor is U,
In the sky my moon is U,
I’m only body my heart is U,
That’s why I always miss U.

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I Miss You Always

You must be a good runner because
you are always running in my mind,
you must be a good thief because
you have stolen my heart,
i am always a bad shooter because
I Miss You Always…

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my eyes are hurting …..

My eyes are hurting coz I can’t see u,
my arms r empty coz I can’t hold u,
my lips are cold coz I can’t kiss u & my
heart is breaking coz I’m not with u
and i miss u

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