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The most valuable sentence for life…

Dont show so much of care
& love to anyone

Bcoz it creates a non curable
pain when they start avoiding u.

Life means

Life means missing expected things and facing unexpected things.
When you are right no one remembers but when you are wrong no one forgets.

Murdoo ko bhi zinda kardete hai

Yeh sms bhi kya cheez hai
Jo aankhon se aansu la dete hai
Yeh to merbhani hai ismsmessages ki
Ke murdoo ko bhi zinda kardete hai.

Golden phrases of relationship

Two golden phrases of relationship:-

“Don’t believe the doubted one &
Don’t doubt the believed one”

That retains any relationship forever…

Today is a beautiful day

A blind man was begging in New York with a board written “I’m blind,help me”.1 guy passing that side took his board and wrote something.

From that time the blind man got heavy collection. Can u guess what did he write?

He wrote “today is beautiful day but i can’t see it”that’s the power of expression.It can change many things.

Try as an angel

Enter ur name


Downloading data……

Please wait!













The Name Entered Can Not Be Found In Human Data Base

HINT: Try “ANGELS” in The Search Space For Better Result…
may Good fulfill all ur dreams…

Three things of every kind

Three things of life that once gone, never come back:
Time, Words & Opportunity

Three things of life that must not be lost:
Peace, Hope & Honesty.

Three things of life that are most valuable:
Love, Self-confidence & Friends

Three things of life that are never sure:
Dreams, Success & Fortune

Treat with politeness

Treat everyone with politeness.
Even those who r rude to u.
Not because they r not nice but because you are NICE

Agar kuch karna chahte ho

Agar kuch karna chahte ho toh doosro ke sath bhalai karo!

Agar kuch peena chahte ho toh apna ghussa piyo!

Agar kuch khana chahte ho toh apni buraiya khao!

Agar kuch lena chahte ho toh doosro ke gham lo!

Agar kuch dena chahte ho toh doosro ko khushiyan do!

Make a happy ending

No one can go back &
make a new beginning,
but anyone can start from now and
make a happy ending!
Hope U’ll have a day that starts right and
ends Happy!

I love so much my heart is sure

I love so much my heart is sure.
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile.
Your loving face No one will ever take your place.

View a negative experience

View a negative experience in your life like how you look at a photo negative.
A single negative can create an unlimited number of positive prints! Good Day!

Dares to fight

If victory is certain then even a coward can fight,
But the real brave is the one who still dares to fight when his defeat is certain.

Zindagi jina to haas ke jiyo

Yu pani me patthar na maro
Koi aur ise pita hoga.
Zindagi jina to haas ke jiyo
Kyu ki tumhe dekh kar koi aur jita hoga.

You are wonderful the way you are

If fate favours you one day and u are asked what u want to be,

Don’t wish to be someone else because u are wonderful the way you are!

The worst thing in life

The worst thing in life is “ATTACHMENT” ,
it hurts when you lose it.
The best thing in life is “LONELINESS”
as it teaches you everything and when you lose it,
you get Everything.

If you learn to translate

If you learn to translate
Every event of Ur life into positive one,
You will stop being prisoner of Ur past
And become the architect of Ur future.

You’ve come out top grade

Above the rest!

A+ Congrats!
You’ve come out… top grade!

Zindagi ki sim card

Zindagi Ka Sim Card ki Validity Period Badhane Ke Liye-
Gum ko Karo Delete
Khusi ko Save
Rishto Ko Recharge
Dosti ko Download
Sach ko Broadcast
Jooth ko Switch off
Tension ko Not reachable
Pyar ko Incoming
Nafrat ko outgoing
Language ko Control
Hansi ko Inbox
Ansu ko Outbox
Gusse ko Hold
Muskan ko Send
Help ko Ok
Dil ko Karo Vibrate.