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one simple tip to stay happy

One simple tip to stay happy

Never think about the third person
Never think what the third person thinks about you

Enjoy the life. !

dont mix the words

“Don’t mix the words with your Mood
You’ll have Many Options to change the Mood
You’ll never get Any Option to Replace the Spoken Words”.. !

someone asked God

Someone asked God –
Who is your favorite person?

God replied –
The One who has the power to take revenge and yet FORGIVES… :-)

Adjustment with right people

“Adjustment with Right People
is always better than
Argument with Wrong People”

“A meaningful Silence is always better than Meaningless Words”

love,Ideas ‘n knowledge

Love, Ideas ‘n knowledge are no

one’s Personal Property.
They belong to a person
who expresses them in the “Best Way”! :))

A girl can be your

A Girl,
Can Be Your
Best Friend,
Worst Enemy,
A Real Sweetheart,
Or A Real Bitch,
It all Depends on
How You Treat HER.

I will never comfort,,,

I will never comfort you with a lie
but also don’t want to hurt you with the truth
that is why I will be quite …

the Happiest of people

The Happiest of People
Don’t Necessarily Have
The Best of Everything
They Just Make
The Most of Everything
That Comes
Along Their Way ..

Be Thankful for the,,,,,

Be Thankful For The
Bad Things in Life.
For They Open Your Eyes
To The Good Things
You Weren’t Paying
Attention to Before.

each moment of ur life is a picture

Each moment of ur life is a picture

which u had never seen before.

And which ull never see again so enjoy>

& live life & make each moment beautiful….

Sincere person will be felt when we are Alone…!

The taste of water can be enjoyed only when we are thirsty…

Same way,
the affection of a sincere person will be felt when we are Alone…!

he will never do it

“To give someone the complete authority to destroy
you but at the same time being confident
that he will never do it”

clock is a lock for success

“See the clock only when u have No work
Don’t see the clock when you are working
Clock is a lock for success.”

get your own life first

If you are not Happy being SINGLE,
You will never be Happy in a Relationship
Get your own Life First,
Then try to Share it with Someone.. !!

when our absence does not

“When our absence does not

change someone’s life..,
then accept the reality that our

presence has no meaning in their life…!

Heart, are you great enough

Heart, are you great enough
For a love that never tires?
O’ heart, are you great enough for love?
I have heard of thorns and briers,
Over the meadow and stiles,
Over the world to the end of it
Flash for a million miles.

A man asked God

A man asked God “I Want Peace”
God replied “Remove the ‘I’,this is Ego”
“Remove the ‘Want’, that is desire”
& ‘Peace’ will be automaticaly yours…

oN THeir Lips

Successful People Always Have Two Things ON Their Lips,

Silence nd Smile”

“SILENCE” to avoid problems nd

“SMILE” to solve problems.

When GOD takes away

Wen GOD takes away

something 4rom ur hand,

dont think He is punishing u

he is merely emptying ur hand,

for YOU 2 receive something better.

Have Faith on GOD!!!