A scene in a cafeteria:

A group of guys are killing time. Miss Headturner Hottie walks in…… Mr Cool Dude from the group of guys speaks up with some e-estyle:

Suna hai bole to baton se phool jhadte hai
yeh baat hai to chalo, baat karke dekhte hai!!

Miss Headturner Hottie simply flips her hair, walks away with an oomph and shoots back:

Woh hamare zindagi mein,
Kuch is tara aaye,
Jaise hare bhare khait mein,
Moti bhains ghus aaye…

Mr. Cool Dude doesn’t want to give up. He strikes again:

Najneen hushn malin, nakhraye saaj ho tum,
Dilkash mohabbat ka, hasin andaaj ho tum,
Kyun raaz se raaz ka raaz ho tum,
Taj nahin, mere dil ki MUMTAJ ho tum.

Miss Headturner Hottie flips her hair again, walks out of the cafeteria and gives a sweet look back to Mr. Cool Dude.

I don’t know what happened next, I’ve heard Mr. Cool Dude and Miss Headturner Hottie are good friends now.

Have you got similar stories too? Guys, have you ever been slapped for teasing a girl and hey girls, have you ever given a taste of your sandles to any guys??

Have you ever struggled hard enough to get a girl’s phone number in order to send her some impressive sms messages? What kind of feedback did she give?

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By njm