If animal have Fb..
these are most likely to b their status

Cockroach: Managed to skip from some1,s foot step .. man, i lead a dangerous life style =p
Cat: My 7th child is asking who is her father ..what should i tell her ?? i don,t even remember..:D
Chicken :If tomorrow i m not updating my status .means i m being served at KFC..!love u all ?
Octopus :i have just refilled my ink hurry !!^_^…
Pig:Oh gosh they throw the gossip dat i m spreading the flue.. WTh..
Goat: friends.. don,t go out ,eid holiday is coming :'(
Pig writes a comment on goat,s status “lucky i m haram ” | 4 likes |
Goat replied : “don,t u remember dat after eid .. da Chinese new year ..?? | 11 likes