Accept it or not, but nothing compares to the joy of irritating your best friend, especially if he/she gets irritated quickly! Here are ways to irritate your best buddies and for the cherry on top, all of the messages can make them very very angry but who cares as long as you show them that you care!

So If I have hurt you anytime, anywhere, or
Disturbed you, then I want to say just three words.

is just for u
My life is u
I’ll die without u
I love u very much.

Often my Mom tell me all this..

Ja meri missile ja,
Jo mujhe SMS na kare uske dimag me ja aur fat ja!

Are wapis kyun aayi?
Accha toh uske pas dimag nahi hai!

When ever u feel sad..
When ever u think life is impossible
Just tell me
I will hold ur hand take you to the bridge
And show u way to jump

Here are some more, click here and not to forget all of these are Just For FuNnnn!! Enjoy them not alone, but with your friends.

By njm