After the glorious chains of good morning messages, let’s bid the sun goodbye and let Mr. Moon shine in. It’s time to sing some lullabies to your buddies, but wait, not those regular old lullabies; if your morning went so fresh then your night has also gotta be special. Read on:

Welcome aboard to “Sweet Dreams” airline,
All passengers on bed hug ur pillows,
As the flight will be leaving soon to dream land.
Enjoy ur time…
Good night

Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping.
He came back early, So i asked him why?
He said that angels don’t watch over other angel.
Good Night, my sweet angel!

As u go to bed tonight,
I beg the moon to give you light,
Tell my angels to hug you tight,
And make sure you’re all right,
And ask the gentle breeze
To take care of you and kiss you good night.

And don’t you think that the perfect time to get some attention by annoying someone is to annoy him/ her cutely at night. So what say? Take a look at these sms for example:

Bindas sone ka,
Rapchik sapne dekhne ka,
Bhoot ko nahi dekhne ka,
Boleto… Aina nahi dekhne ka,
Aur blanket odh ke fultus so jane ka,
Boleto Good Night.

Sun wouldn’t be red,
Sea wouldn’t be blue,
I wouldn’t be happy,
Without disturbing u.
Good Night

Dosti agar buri ho, to use hone mat do,
Ho gayi to usey khone mat do,
Aur agar dost ho sabse pyara to use soney mat do,
Jagte raho!!

And now one for the road: you’ve asked for more and your wishes are being fulfilled:

Apun ek sher bolega,
Charo taraf chand fenkrela hai light,
Boleto ho gayeli hai night,
Band karne ka tube light,
Aur soneka tight,
Boleto, Bye Good Night..

Still more is here:

By njm