7 Things Girls Do In an Exam Hall:

1. Write
2. Tuck Hair Behind Ears
3. Again Write
4. Chnge d Empty Refill
5. Again Write
6. Ask for Extra Sheet
7. Again Keep Writing

Seven things Boys do in an Exam Hall:

1. Count d No of Girls
2. Check Out the Young Lady Supervisor
3. Counting hw many windows n doors..
4. Revising the Location of Chits in d Pockets
5. Seeing the Brand Name of the Pen
6. Regreting Wasting the Last Nght Studying
7. Think 2 study well atleast 4 nxt xam

& After Exams…

Girls: u Knw Paper Bahut Kharab Gaaya, it ws so Lengthy I Culd’nt Draw a Diagram… I am Going to Fail (Means 80+ Marks)

Boys: Fun Hai Yaar, Saala Ek Raat Padh Ke Paas… Chal Dhabe Pe Chal K Parothe Khayen :D :D