Do you believe in angels? Do you believe that there is a guardian angel who takes care of us when we’re low and depressed?

May be reading this sms might make you believe in one.

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May God fulfill all ur dreams sweet Angel……

The truth is you can be just some ordinary guy or girl to the world but for someone who really adores you, you become an angel for them. And of course, if you adore someone, you call them your angel, don’t you?

We all love to make the person we love feel more special. The divine fact being-Everyone loves to be loved and praised.

Try these sms on the people you admire:

Smokers have a smoking heart,
Drinkers have an alcoholic heart,
I request u, don’t eat sugar,
Bcoz u already have a sweet heart

There are 20 angels in the world,
10 Are playing,
9 Are sleeping,
1 Is reading this message
And that is u- girl.

I bet the people who’ll receive these sms shall feel special too just the way you want them to feel. If you like someone, let them know and if you love someone, let them feel special about it.

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By njm