SMS doesn’t only mean, short messaging service. But it also means, “Some Moments Shared” with loved ones. Our life is a roller coaster ride full of jerks and bumps, ups and downs, tears and laughters….We come across handful of people, some stay some don’t, some are close to our hearts and some are just cold strangers. But there are very few people who leave an impression by motivating you to go ahead.

These chains of sms are for those who came in your life and stayed, as a source of inspiration! These chains of sms are for those who lent you a helping hand when no one stood by your side, for those who somehow always had faith in your dreams and importantly in YOU, for those who gave you a shoulder to cry on when you thought you’re alone. For everyone who inspired you to become a better being, here’s a kudos to them.

People die younger,
Because god loves them so much,
You’re still on earth,
Because there’s someone,
Who loves you more than god,
Trust me, that is true.

Kya hai zindgi,
Dekho to khwab hai zindgi,
Padho to kitab hai zindgi,
Suno to gyan hai zindgi,
Par haste raho to aasan hai zindgi.

When lots of people start to love you,
You may get confused whom to love,
Just tell them I hate you,
Everyone will get back,
But not the person who loves you truly.

Chuu le aasmaan,
Zamin ki tu talash naa kar
Mazaa le le zindagi kaa ,
Khusiyon ki tu talash naa kar
Gamoh se door hokar,
Teri takdeer bhi badal jaayegi
Muskurana sikh le,
Uski wajay ki talash naa kar.

We are all travelers in time, and all of us are bound to make our journeys alone and independently. But there are few people who change our lives forever by helping us seek our dreams. They are the people who teach us to live our life to the fullest. Cherish them because they are the people worth sticking with!

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