They say we hurt the ones we’re really close to. True, we hurt the ones we love, probably because we don’t know whom to turn to when we’re really down and low. But that doesn’t actually mean that we intend to hurt them, do we? It just gets harder sometimes and we tend to express our miseries in the form of grief by hurting those around us. But words CAN heal a broken heart and make things better.

Teri dosti hum iss tarah nibhayenge,
Tum roz khafa hona hum roz manayenge,
Par maan jana manane se,
Warna yeh bheegi palkein le ke hum kahan jayenge?

Khawab na tute, dil na tute
Aap na hamse ruthe
Baat na tute, saath na chhutey
Hamare beech ka ye faslaa to tutey

Tum hasti ho mujhe hasane ke liye
Tum roti ho mujhe rulane ke liye
Tum ek bar rooth kar to dekho
Mar jaoun ga tumhein manane ke liye

Sometimes silence can create walls and distances can make hearts disjointed. Rekindle hope and faith again and mend a broken relationship by apologizing the ones you’ve hurt. Say sorry, not sorry as in I’m sorry, but sorry like:

Dont get confused ,Arey Baba SORRY means:
O-One Is,
Have A wonderful day..

Give up your egos, your prejudice and everything that keeps you from staying away from the ones who bring smile on your face and send these lovely Apologize and sorry sms to show them you really care.

Is kadar humari chahat ka imtihaan mat lijiye,
Kyu ho khafa ye bayan to kijiye,
Kar dijiye maaf agar ho gayi hai koi khata,
Yu yaad na kar ke saza to na dijiye.

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By njm