Ten things should know before dating that hot town girl

Ten things should know before dating that hot town girl

Life in Nairobi is quick and mad. Lifetime from inside the town dull and dreary. Plus it’s the think of every shagz-modo to come to Nairobi, at least once in their life. They show up wishing to dust up their unique outlying lives, accents and ambitions. Include trend too and finding love to spruce their everyday lives.

Soon, the compulsion to possess approving friends and a yearning feeling important drives these to function insane as women from ‘Diaspora’ gradually become more wajuaji than born taos.

But hey! possible nonetheless effortlessly select a lady whom arrived inside urban area from Kanyam-Kago, Mutomo or Muchatha!

1. From ‘Rubber mshenzi’ shoes to Pencil skirts When Wambui countries from gichagi in her own grey (formerly ebony) rubber footwear and pleated dress, no person imagines that she can transform into a socialite. This intense make-over primarily occurs within per year. They learn from observation or seeing trend show on television. She will initial get mocked on her behalf epic fail in mix and complement wear, since she can’t accomplish colour blocking.

Then she’ll put on a broken skirt fit before she finds Toi markets and Gikomba, where she will be able to search for mtumba high heel shoes and pen skirts. Daniel Mugambi, a former pub manager transformed taxi chap, destroyed his high school sweetheart annually after she signed up with your in Nairobi.

2. consuming house with gas cooker

Nafula in ‘Ingo’ is not the exact same female in Nairobi. In ushago she could follow poultry, pitfall it under a metallic basin before taking poor people bird’s throat with her clean palms for supper. However in Nairobi, she perches on a tall feces and chews on some chips and GMO poultry at a dingy resorts in downtown Nairobi, before she finally upgrades to Kentucky Fried Chicken.


By using the gas cooker can also be difficulty whilst necessitates the assistance of a neighbor to light they otherwise, many times the flame brigade not having enough water outside your own entrance. She can’t make use of cutlery, however she says that’s the way they devour home.

3. holding hanky to a date the best village date is through the riverside or at a maize plantation in which Mongina will invest 1 / 2 of their time doodling together with her huge toe and keeping away from visual communication with Mogaka. Whenever she lands inside the city, she realises that their company were matchmaking ‘better’ men just who drive and purchase all of them any such thing they demand. Thus, she settles for a boy who is able to pay for potato chips and sausage along Moi Avenue. On her very first time, which is most probably throughout the day, she’ll show up in certain glossy tight-fitting dress very top with spandex and oversize mtumba high heel shoes she most likely borrowed from the girl pal.

Another sign that offers the lady aside is chuckling sheepishly to a man’s humor as she toys making use of the white handkerchief she has replaced for a clutch bag.

4. Off key

Mwende’s best night out whenever she actually is inside her town in Mutomo, Kitui, try dancing wathi at the lady cousin’s event.

When she lands in Nairobi, she attends several gigs in Mlolongo in which Kativui or Ken wa Maria tend to be performing.

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She will shortly be launched by the lady collegemates from Kiima Kiu to a nightclub in the downtown area where she’ll attend all jam sessions before she begins online dating five males at the same time. Unfortunately, she actually is so accustomed to performing along to tunes while dancing and only hope that the speakers commonly switched off, normally folks will listen to the woman performing the incorrect phrase off key.

If she actually is luckily enough, she’ll secure a stuffed people who’ll present the girl to five-star motels in which she’ll usually go regardless of if the guy dumps the girl. The woman is maybe not willing to go back to live within the girl means. Your question precisely why everyone become peeling carrots in 5 star resort hotels?

5. ‘Kushema shema’

By the time Nkirote will leave Kutus, she will besides have an ‘R’ and ‘L’ difficulty, but the woman feature can be anything between the whistling trees and an Indian folk track. Everybody else teases the woman from day she lands in Nairobi.