Women in their late 30s think that they have no chances on a dating market

Women in their late 30s think that they have no chances on a dating market

Combating Ageism

While we rarely think about ageism, and we don’t hear something like “Oh, he’s/she’s so old”, “At your age” or “Aren’t you too old for that?” less frequently then we used to before, ageism is alive and well, and it’s not going anywhere in the next few decades. You can see it in birthday cards that display the prospective horrors of the old age. Sometimes we lie about our age on dating services, as we think that we’ll draw less interest displaying how old we are actually. Needless to say that according to that belief Dante’s “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” must pop-up in the heads of single women over 50 who register on dating sites.

Women, definitely are most common victims of ageism, mainly because they get objectified in so many cultures. While a man is appreciated for his accomplishments, a woman is mostly appreciated for her looks. Woman’s accomplishments would be taken into consideration only when her looks fade away. Probably, you would like to start arguing with us, but oops, you are reading an article about sexy women over 50. You see, the title already hints at ageism. Let’s be honest, you would click on an article with the title “Best looking women over 50” or “Hottest women over 50”, but it’s unlikely that you would click on the article “Women over 50 in bikinis” if the title doesn’t suggest that they are hot. It clearly shows that the vast majority thinks that women over 50 mustn’t wear bikinis, unless they are hot.

So, here we are, fighting fire with fire, let’s talk about women who are successful in proving that ageism has to go. Let’s have a look at the most beautiful women over 50.

Susanna Hoffs, 59

Susanna Hoffs ous woman over 50, but she is definitely one of the sexiest women over 50, as she hasn’t changed that much since the 1986 when her band’s (the Bangles) second album “Different Light” hit the second position on Billboard 200. The future rock star was born on January 17, 1959 in Los Angeles. As a child Hoffs was exposed to the music of the Beatles, which led to her learning how to play the guitar in her teens, and forming one of the first all-female rock bands in the history in her early twenties.

Julianne Moore, 57

If you think that women over 50 are vastly discriminated when it comes to dating, you are absolutely wrong. Even celebrities are not safe from ageism, especially actors. When an actress turns 40, she mainly starts getting offered fewer roles than in her twenties or thirties. Julianne Moore is one of a few actresses who was never affected by ageism. Since her debut in Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” (1993) Julianne Moore has appeared in more than 60 films. Her career, spanning over three decades, doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. As of 2018, Julianne Moore is cast in two upcoming films, Paul Weitz’s hostage drama “Bel Canto” and Sebastian Lelio’s “Gloria”, where she would star along with Brad Pitt and Michael Cera.

Donna Tartt, 54

Here we would drift away from the ageism topic, as writer is one of a few professions not affected by ageism. The Mississippi-born writer Donna Tartt is definitely one of the most beautiful women over 50. Although her San Diego CA eros escort writing career spans over three decades, Donna Tartt has published only three novels, with a ten-year gap between each. Her first novel “The Secret History” (1992) received an initial print of 75,000 copies, as opposed to usual 10,000 of a debut novel, and went on to sell over 5 million copies. Her last ) won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and sold over 3 million copies, with a film adaptation scheduled for the release in 2019.