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Eid Mubarak to you & your family.
May the LORD Almighty bless you success, prosperity & hidayat. Ameen.

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Sailaab, match fixing, jaali deegrees, sialkot, karachi, multaan cases aur zardari ki corruption ek taraf, magr ek baat ka abhi tk pta nhi chala k

Eid ka chaand 29 ka hoga ya 30 ka?
mere hr sms me pepsi ka zikar nhi hota.

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Do you know the Meaning of EID???

I think it means “ENJOY in DUNIYA!!”

So, In your life all moments bring EID for you….

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Remembering u on Eid day is a nice thing to do
Bcoz u r warmly thought of everyday the whole year through
“Happy Eid Mubarak”

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Eid Day brought
Blessings of God
In the form of
Spiritual happiness
To you and your family
For your Friends.

Eid Mubarik…!!

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It is Eid today!
It is Eid today!
I can see
the tiny new moon
Up there,
in the heavenly sky,
Surrounded by beautiful
twinkling stars!
Heralding the
happy coming of Eid,
It is Eid today!
Thank you,
Almighty Allah!
For giving us
so much happiness,
For the moon
and the stars
And everything
we have,
The glad tidings
of the season
That reminds us
of your Greatness,
The acts of purification
we undergo
To show you
our loyalty,
The prayers we say
To seek from
you Blessings
On this occasion of Eid,
Which brings
so much joy.
It is Eid Today!

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(“””) (“””)
) (_/_) ( ISH
%* YOU *%
) ( APPY


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Eid-ul-fitar celebrations begins
with the sighting of the new moon…
but my Eid begins with u…

Looking forward
To celebrate Eid with u!

E I D M U B R A K !

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On this festive occasion of Eid-ul-Fitar…

I wish the warmth of our friendship…

Always remains the same….

Happy Eid Mubarak!!

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May every minute 0f your “EID”

Be happy warm n bright..

May all your hopes n dreams

Turn out exactly right…

Happiness at EID is wished for You !

Eid Mubarak

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Kash is EID pey tu mera bakra hota…
aor kisi ne nahi main ney tujey pakra hota…
main roz tujhey pattey khilata,
Thorey thory nai sary akathey khilata…
Tu mujh ko mai mai kar k bulata,
aor sham ko mai tujhy gali gali ghumata..
merey pas gari nahi chakra hota,
kash is eid pe tu mera bakra hota…
raat ko sardi mai tu akra hota,
meri mohabbat mai kuch is tarah jakra hota..
kash is eid pe tu mera bakra hota.!! :P

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Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words:

E: Embrace with open heart
I: Inspire with impressive attitude,
D: Distribute pleasure to all.


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Bakra Debit
Cash Credit
Qurbani Debit
Gosht Credit
Qasai Debit
qurbani skin Credit
you Debit
me Credit
my Eid Massege Debit
your Eid Text Reply Credit
[[ Eid Ul Azha Mubarik ]]

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Everyone Sent You Tradition Words About
Eid But I m The Fist One To Send YOU
Keep On Eating
Different Dishes
On This Season … ;->
Don’t forget to invite me :p

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The Blessings Of Hajj
The Prophet (PBUH) Said:
“One Who Offers Hajj In His Way And
Doesn’t Speak Obscene Language,
And Doesn’t Commit Sins, Will Come
Back (Purified) As He Was At The Time
Of His Birth.”
(Bukhari, 1421)

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