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Sardar’s english language

A sardar learning english introduces his family in the party:
Hi! I am sardar,
this is my sardarni,
he is my kid,
& she is my kidney.

A man had a dream in which someone murdered him.

A man had a dream in which someone murdered him.

Next day he closed his bank account.


Know why???????


Because the bank’s slogan was: We make your dreams come true

Nashili aankho se

Nashili aankho se wo jab hamein dekhte hain,
hum ghabraakar ankhen jhuka leite hain,
kaun milaye unn ankhon se ankhen,
suna hai wo ankho se apna bana leite hai.

Lips are closed

A foolish man tells a woman 2 stop talking,
But a wise man tells her that she looks extremely beautiful when her lips are closed!

Abbreviations for our degrees

Abbreviations for our degrees:






Why I miss u

Sometime my mind asks why I miss you?
Why I care for you?
Why I remember you?
Then my heart answers it’s simply because mental patient needs more care.

Prepaid girlfriend

Do you know the meaning of these things:
4.EX Girlfriend

Very simple:
4:Missed Call

U just make my day

U r the 1st thing that comes 2 my mind.
I wish i could start my day with u in my bed.
I jusT luv ur feel to my lips.
U just make my day, i love u NESCAFE!

Highly Disappointing Situations

Highly Disappointing Situations –
1. Your Best Friend Weds Your Lover..!!:'(
… 2. A Close Friend Avoiding Without Reason..!! ;(
3. 10 Mark Question Asked For 2mark..!! :(
4. Principal Sitting Near You On Tour..!! :(
5. Xtremly Good Looking Guy/Girl Crossing You Wen You Are With Your Mom/Dad..!! :(
6. Teachers Distributing Your Test Papers In Front Of Your Juniors..!!:/
7. Friend Calling On B’day N Not Wishing..!! :@
8. Dear One Suddenly Stopped Messaging..!! :O
9. Leaving This Post Without Liking It Too..!! :-P

100% Pagal

You are

20% Pyara
20% Attractive
20% Good
20% Active
20% Lovable

In short 100% pagal.

Oops which one to follow!

Laziness is the worst enemy of humans….. – Jawaharlal Nehru.

Humans should learn to love even their worst enemies…!!! – Mahatma Gandhi

Which one is best to follow?

Americans make a car &…

Americans make a car & to get some touch ups
They send it to Japan..

Japan added a faster engine and sent it to UK…

Who then added tinted windows and sent the car to China..

They added a better interior and sent it to Pakistan…

Pakistani look at the car and say…

What a good job all of them have done..
So they flip the car over
Put a stamp on

Which are the 2 latest versions of java???

Which are the 2 latest versions of java.

Think… think… think…

Marjava & Mitjava  :)

A thief entered into home of a Police Inspector in night.

A thief entered into home of a Police Inspector in night.
Wife: Get up, there is a thief in our home.
Police Inspector: Let me sleep, I am not on duty right now

Catch her by her waist

Catch her by her waist
Bring her home..
Keep ur hand on her neck
Put ur lips on her lips

Have a Nice PEPSI drink!

Bruce Lee’s Favorite

Bruce Lee’s Favorite










Kya zindagi hogi

Kya zindagi hogi
Ek shayari woh kare ek shayari hum
Salaame woh maarey
Paise kamaye hum

A Rose Rs7/-

A Rose Rs7/-
A Card Rs.25/-


A Lunch Rs.200/-


Movie Rs.150/-
But a Friend like “u”

Is “priceless”


Ziada uro mat


Priceless bole to




“Muft” :)

Someday u may lose

Someday u may lose ur hair ..
u may lose ur teeth- ur money & even lose ur mind ..
But 1 thing u will never loose is ur good looks ..
coz u cant lose wot u don’t have!